Monday, September 29, 2008

I reaaaaally really wanna update tonight but i am so
frigging busy with my IT project, ):
We're suppose to do a "hotel website",


Thursday, September 25, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

they are having a backorder from the dress now! (:

Girl: I'm using the calming toner from La Biosthetique now.

Hello: Read below. (:

Kumiko: Thank you! heheh, read below!

Kyupi: Really very clear? Hehe, greeeeeat!
i'm super turned off by singapore's beach
and mucky seawater. Ewww. heheheh

(:: I bought it from a spree. you can try googling it.

Nana: Ask me out hoooooor! heheh

Sherlyn: Heh, thank you! Ok, i will try!
Hehe, recently very busy leh.

Jessmiex: Hmm, you can go to like Ettusais counter at
wisma isetan and ask the SA to help you find your foundation
shade, i reccommend the liquid foundation from there. (:
And you can get the glue from Sasa, not sure how much thou.
Oh yah, saw your msg this morning,
hahahs i saw the pans around a long time ago!
But don't really interest me leh :x

Peggy: Okay! will take that in mind! Heh.

ZX: Thank you! Hehehe.

Yourauntie: Wahh! got so desperate or not!
Lol, make you bento and you'll be at my doorsteps!

Cherry: whoops. Must've missed that out.
yup it's the same sizing
at charles and keith.

贤妻良母!!! Haahahahaha!
贤妻 maybe can,
良母 def cannot! i will strangle those kids lor!

Passer: yup i'm using a cookie cutter,
but i've no idea where to get them cos it was my mum's.
but i guess you can try finding at those baking supplies store.

Jannah: i don't rmb which post is it,
but i got the recipe from! (:
Yup they are edible, i got them from hougang mall area
there's a baking supplies shop called Red Man

Xy: Everything in daiso is 2 bucks, lol

Yuhui: Hahahahas! So funnny, enjoy man. HAHAHAHA!
bring a toyboy there ah! hahahahah
i'm so excited with the range of watersports!

Peiwen: really ah, all the stuff very ex?
the food good or not?
hehe but which resort were you staying at?

Vion: Laneige counter at isetan wisma

Bao: hehehe, really ah! I wanna go tioman lor! :D

Hello: 2-3 days?

Ashley: Thanks babe! heh Read below!

Chocvine: you can order via (:

Reader: hahahas, eh, i dunno what do i need to teach leh :x
It's just cooking everything and assembling them together!

Sereneeeee: Hey babe, bought it from a taiwan
shop spree like last year, dont even rmb the shop name liao :x

Sheryl: Awww, thank you! hehehe. yes you're right. (:

J: Erm duh, hahahs, it's meant to be taken just like that what. -.-

Btw, if you realised i didn't reply your tags,
And your qn's are about like.. recipes request
you can try looking about in these links or googling for them,
eg. google tamagoyaki recipe, hmm i'm sure there's no need
for me to teach to guys how to google right :x

Bento #4

Piggie riceballs! Tamagoyaki, Japanese styled hamburgers,
mashed potato and raspberry jam.

Boyf was damn hao lian again!
Hahahas he told me all his classmates were like,
"ahhh, piggie bento, i wanna take picture!"
...and stuff like that :x

Had a shoot last week, organized by esther.
And we went for brunch at Ding Tai Feng after the shoot ended.

Been a long loooong loooooong time since i met esther!

Went shopping arnd for her birthday party supplies,
But i didn't get anything.
Tsk. I can never shop outside anymore!
Like, i cannot even find anything i like
cos i'm so used to shopping online. :x
Then i left for home early cos i was sooooo tired!

I had to go and do my passport cos it was expired already,
Walao, i had to wait like arnd 1 hour before i could collect it,
and i forgot to bring my ds lite along, i was like alone
so i had like totally nooooo entertaininment lar?

Heehhe, but boyf called and "accompanied" me for the whole hour!

After i collected my passport,
went to meet Jessica in town.

The weather is so hot and stuffy
we didnt even have the mood to shop ):
So we bought our movie tickets and stayed arnd
lido to chit-chat and camwhore as usuaaaaaal~

We are the twwwwwwwwwwwwits. :x

We watched Mamma Mia,
I think i was a great movie! Lots of funny funny bits.

Jess was such a klutz!
When we were buying our ticket she told her auntie
that she wants row L seats 17 and 19...
I was like, "erm jess, YOU DON'T WANNA SIT WITH ME IS IT!!!"

Bluuuuur girl!

After the movie we went to Far East and
we went to Milly's to slack arnd there.
Seems like we always slack there when we're in far east?

Milly said she wanna sponser me either
acrylic nails/hair extensions/hair extension clips.
Should i get hair extension clips? Heh,
Cos i still looooove my funky short hair!

Cannot stand having overly shu nu-ish long hair all the time!
Embraceeeee yourself! And looooook!



This is about 3 years ago?
Shudders. I look so freak different i don't even know why?!
Lol! I think haven't even discover makeup!

Okay, give me suggestions on my tagboard ok.
whether i should get clip on extensions or whatever.
Don't really wanna do nails leh,
since i've got acrylic now already.

With the preeeetty shop owner Milly!

We had nth to do and jess asked me to
sleepover at her place that night!

Lol, we spent all night bitching about our boyf etc.
(expected rigggggght)

Damn jialat you know!
You can't go out with jess more than 2 times a week!
Hahahas, We spent the whole day eating eating eating,
and at 12 midnight we were sharing a Chippy's Mash potato
with cheese hotdog and a peach tea w/pearls while bitching.

We slept at like 4am, hahahas,
we were STILL camwhoring in bed, playing with the
face warp function on my phone and stuff.
And talking about food and making each other hungry again. -.-

Blah, it was so much fuuuuuun. :D
Then we woke up at 7am, i think?
I was too sleepy to know what time it was.
Dragged ourselves out of bed and she had to
prepare to go to school and jess's mum sent her to school,
and sent me hoooooome.

Such a long day! But when i reached home i couldn't
fall asleep again although i was sooooo tired!
Then i went to prepare boyf's bento, the piggie bento!
Rushed like hell that's why the piggie face look like... toot.

Anyway, had lunch with boyf in town and he left for sch
and i went to bugis to meet a spree organizer to collect my stuff.
meet up with jessica AGAIN! Hahahahas,

We both are idiots. hahahahas,
i only had like 50bucks cash on me,
and jess had 20bucks on her cos she
didnt expect us to be shopping that day,
Hahahahas, we were damn pathetic lar.

We spent like all our money buying a dress and a box of fake eyelash. -.-
and we realized both of us totall forgot to bring our cards.
no debit card, no atm card, whatever also don've.
Lol, it was like really wth and ridiculous lar.

Seeee, so sweet. She made this for me while in class. Awwww!

Anyway this dress right, Which is the same dress on my previous post that sponsered me.

Is available for backorder now!
Seems like she has lots of requests to bring it back
again since it's such a pretty dress!

Backorder here!

Anyway i've got two dresses to sell,
I've got loads of clothes to sell actually!
I just buy and buy and don't wear them until
my wardrobe is like totally bursting already.

These two pieces are BRAND NEW so no haggling please.

Chain-link dress from Gojane.
Bought at 36SGD + shipping at 14SGD = 50SGD
Selling at : 35SGD.

Sigh, shipping is a killer.

Marine green flowy dress (belt not included)
Bought at 30SGD + shipping fee of 5SGD
Selling at : 30SGD

Email me for enquiries or if you are interested in any of them.

TheBlackSequin Advertorial

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Jess: Yay, rant all you want tomorrow! hehehe

Evon: Hahahas, so poor thing! Become faceless panda!

Jessmiex: Hahahs, check out my fake eyelash tutorial!
It's a total no-brainer i swear. (:
I'm using Ardell strip lashes glue.

Elinas: Hahahahs, my hair is a total flop now!
Look like crap ):
I hardly use wax now but i use to use the purple tube
from gatsby moving rubber series.

Sher: Hehehe, thank you babe!
Eh, it's not flawless lar! hahahahs, wash makeup properly,
do mask weekly, hahahs, take vit E!

JM: Mac or

KK: Thank you! ^^

To jessmiex: thank you for helping me answer her qn~

Nana: Hahahahs, okay!
next week which days will you free!

Jessmiex: Hahahas, wahh your qn is extreeeemely vague,
what do you not know about? Foundations? Etc?

k: You can go to ! (:
there're fantastic and super yummy receipes there!

Oooo: Hahahas, must find new supplier ):

Jessmiex: Hahahas, i find that charles and keith is the best!
Erm about the everyday minerals i don't rmb
remember leh, a couple of weeks luh!

Rose: hello babe! arnd 4plus to 5bucks only.
that one is alooooot larger than the 5gram sample jars.
hehehe, can hold loooots of products! (:

Daphy: LOL! don't forget le hor!

Mich: I love the maybelline hypercurl!
Does it's job perfectly. (:

Peggy: Hahahahs, ok!
But my camera can't catch colours that well,
that's why it's so hard! heh, but i'll try,
you can lemme know what
kinda look you want and i'll try! (:

Janeee: Hahahahs, with a cookie cutter!
and thank you! (:

Jasmine: hurh! you never meet me lor,
still dare to say! Heh.

Nadnut: Lol, next time ok!!! :D


Y'all love online shopping don't you!
Nowadays the weather is hooooot like hell,
Love it when i can just click click click and
pretty clothes will be delivered right to my door.
I will die without online shopping. LOL.

Hahahahs, sometimes when i'm shopping outside,
Then i see things that are really nice, and i rmb oh!
this dress online sell damn cheap!
Then i'll go and buy online. :x

Why not right! So much cheaper lor.
At least boyf won't nag soooo much. hehehe.

Anyway, the other day Brenda from emailed me and
told me she'd like to sponser me another dress from her blogshop!
Such a sweeeeetie. :D

The 1st time she sponsered me:

And i chose a really preeeeeetty white dress!
I love it so much lor.
The other day i wore it to a group photoshoot,
the theme being "pure, simplicity".

Credits to Daniel Ho.
(Click to Enlarge! ^-^)

The shoot was at Raffles Place,
Some back alley and we saw a random chair and we just used it!
Hahahahs, i love how the sun is shining on me~
BUT! the photographers keep asking me to look up,
and the sun was supeeeeer glaring! Left half-life already!

The dress does fits the shoot's theme perfectly don't you think!
It's totally simple and gorgeous.

More proof that boyf is a horrible photographer!
Totally out of focus please! Hahahahas.
(my hair is soooo messy!)

The back is so nice isn't it? (:

The blogshop owner, Brenda is super fast!
Everytime she send me something i'll receive it damn quickly!
Love it hehehe, hate it when those blogshop owners
take their own sweet time to send things out. Tsk Tsk.

Go bio now! :D
Hahahahs, nadnut taught me that Bio = Check it out!

I made bento for boyf today again!

Cut-out carrot flowers with cherry tomato on mini food picks~

Bento #3

Japanese garlic rice, fried quail eggs, Tomato/carrot food picks,
Brocolli, Flower sausage, Grape Jello with champagne grapes.

My blushing boy boy and girl girl! Hahahahas.

Our mitchy matchy bento!

Boyf complained and complained say my bento too small,
he eat all already also not full! So today we went to ikea
and i bought a big big box for him!
I'm going to stuff him with yummy food to death!

I'm going out with my jessica babe tomorrow!
Need to go make my passport thingy cos already expired!
Tsk, yay, end of the year going bintan with boyf and his friends.
What fun stuff to play in Bintan?
Comment and lemme know! ^-^

Humpf, i miss my crazy girlfriends,
Shirley Goh and Felicia Goh! You guys are bluff me lar,
say will go out will go out then meet for how long already!

I wanna go watch Weeds already,
Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Saturday, September 20, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

My Auntie: Hahahahas, What cheese you want!
Give you those super mouldy type ok!

Viv: Hahahas, yup me and my boyf sang that!
Thanks for your compliments! (:

Anqi: Hahahas, yup, i get that alot!
Maybe because i'm always wearing heels! Hahahas

Jessmiex: Hahahas, Awww thank you,
You're such a sweetie. (:

Serene: Hahahahs, whoops. blur meeee!

Lool: Hahahas, that's great, hoped i helped! (:


YT: Charcott finishing powder,
you mean brush or blush? (:

:D: Thank you! Heh.

Huiting: Thanks babe!

Queenie: you can google drugstore spree by yourself. (:

Nadnut: Thank yoooou babe!
When are we gonna get some balls?! Hahahahs.

Lyne: It's plain! (:

Sarah: Great idea! Mushroom,
hahahas will keep that in mind~

Frills: Thank you! Read below. (:

Happy: Kielh's creamy lipgloss

Angel: Thank you! Hehehe, its really easy actually :x

Heyys: You can browse thru
i got my recipe from there.

You can browse thru
i got my recipe from there.

JY: From DBS! (:

Nana: Wheeeeen? I haven't even seen flor for like
so long already lor, organize an outing please! Hahahas.

Felzie: Hahaha, you didn't say HHHHHHI!
Thank you! i must've looked damn crappy cos i was so tired :x

Xoxo: Yup you can if the blusher is shimmery! (:

Btw people, if you realize like i didnt reply to your tag,
it simply means your qns are answered in my post!
So do read down for your answers yah! (:

Sorry for not being able to celebrate your birthday with you dear!

(Whoops, don't think i have a picture of him :x)

Bento #2

Usuyaki Tamago wrapping pink coloured sushi rice,
Mini shepherd's pie and fruity loops!

My bento box are too tiny ):
I didnt even have space for veggies and stuff after the
tamago and shepherd's pie went in. -.-

Boyf was super cute,
he brought his bento to school to eat during his breaktime,
and he said he was damn hao lian and his classmates
was like damn envious and saying things
like : "ahh your gf so sweet, i also want.. etc."

Anyway, some of you girl were like asking me how
i did the face of my panda (refer to previous post)
It's really easy! Just mold the rice into shape 1st,
use a rice mold, or your hands or whatever.
(Tip: always use freshly cooked rice if you wanna mold the rice,
frozen rice just don't stick as well.)

The taxing part is cutting the face!
I'm using nori (seaweed),
cos like the eyes and the mouth is so tiny.
I had to use a tweezer to hold on to the nori while
i used a mini scissors to shape them out.
I spent like 30-40 mins cutting 3 sets
of the panda's eyes, mouth and ear!

Oh yah! Almost forgot about the blushie cheek of my panda!
I just shape out the "blush" shape on a piece of ham!

Garett's car is in the car workshop,
and he needed to car so we had to take public transport
when we went out todaaaaay!

Proof that boyf is either a very bad photographer..
or that his head is extremeeeeeeely huge!
So much shadow on my face until cannot see meeee?!

We went to Vivocity today!
I want that supercute strawberry carpet from Mother Garden!
anybody wanna get that for meeeeeee? hehehe

Anyway, we went to candy empire and
boyf bought candies for meeeee!

Starburst, tootsie bar, reese cups.
I didn't know candy empire has tootsie BARS lor!
Until one kind reader came and email meeeee to tell me~
Thank you! You're so sweet. I'm soooo craving for tootsies!

But i think i just cut cut cut into tiny bite size.
eating tootsie by the bar is simply.. too sinful and scary! :x

After candy empire we went to shop arnd then to Daisoooooo,
Many of you have been asking where i bought my bento supplies,
I get them from Daiso, Vivocity or Plaza Singapura.
They have loooots of cute stuff for bentos!
I bought so much stuff from there today :x

Then we went to Liang Court to have dinner.
No lor, for me it's breakfast + lunch + dinner.
breakfast + lunch = Brunch,
breakfast + lunch + dinner = what?!

Hahahaahahhahas, this is damn gross lor.

I know!! I was like OMFG?! WTF DID I STEP ON?!
I was pretty much freaked out when i saw it myself.
...Then i realize it's my FAKE EYELASH. WTH.

I took it off at boyf's house, then i guess it somehow
got swept off from the table and i stepped on it and
it kinda got stuck at my feeeeet? Lol, gross.

This is so spoiling my SHU NU image.
HAHAHAHAHAS, no lar, kidding.

My buys today!

Many more cute bento stuff i got from daiso!

Bought lots of foodie stuff from Liang court's japanese supermarket, Meidi-ya.
I saw this kamoboko (Japanese fishcake) which is hello-kitty shaped!
Damn cute, so i couldn't resist... hehehe.

Bought a Rilakkuma notebook from Kinokuniya for my favourite receipes!

Received some mail these few days,

Brushes from
NYX ultra pearl mania, NYX jumbo e/s pencil.

I love all of them! The pink flat top brush has this weird smell,
But after like 2 wash the smell is gone, and it's suuuuper soft!

I love all of the NYX products, super cheap, yet so pigmented
and long lasting, although nothing is ever comparable
to my favourite M.A.C lar! heh.

Anyway, the NYX ultra pearl mania,
I totally haaaaate the packaging, sucks totally.

Look at the pathetic hole please!
Goodness, even my smallest eyeshadow brush can't go in lar!

So i went to Spotlight, Plaza Singapore,
and bought this stackable container thingy.

Best thing eveeeeeer, the e/s is damn pigmented and shimmery!
Me love shimmery stuff!
Heh, it's soooo much easier to use now. Tsk!
It's like such a small bottle,
but it has soooo much product in it!

I'm going to Elva's concert at Expo tomorrrrrroow with boyf!
Peggy was super sweet to give me the tickets,
She was like, "fidel, wanna go have a romantic time with your boyfrieeeend?"
Lol! Yay, surprisingly, we haven't went to watch any concerts tgt before!

One shot from awhile ago:

My online buys this few days!
Two tops, and The Manga Cookbook from Ebay!

This is so cute! It's a cookbook, manga-styled!

Ahhh, i need to sleep already, long day today.
And it's already 4.30am, my body clock is totally nuts.
Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (: